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Feed charts

We recommend our two-part Powder Essentials to meet all plant nutrient demands. You may incorporate one or all of our supplements in certain environments or with specific cultivars as needed. We strongly encourage the consistent use of Amplify, our biological inoculant, to promote a beneficial growing environment and nutrient mobilization. The following feed charts should act solely as a suggestion. Continuously monitor your plant’s response and adjust accordingly. This feed chart is recommended for all growing media and techniques.

Need additional guidance? Reach out and ask about The Quantified Grow. By monitoring the plant’s response through tissue samples, we work with commercial grows to truly dial in the appropriate program based on plant goals and budget.

Blending Instructions

Working with Powders is a simple process but does require a few key steps to ensure you end up with a fully blended concentrate. Please follow the instructions below and reach out with any questions.

Blending Instructions: How to create a concentrate or prepare your powders for use
CREATING A CONCENTRATE: Click here to download pdf version

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