Whether full program development, specialized consulting packages, custom nutrients or fertilizer registration management, Organitek offers a complete menu of commercial services.

Business Analysis

Leveraging decades of extensive experience in the cannabis industry, we are well-equipped to provide valuable insights and innovative solutions to help you thrive in this highly competitive market. Our team’s diverse executive backgrounds and collective capabilities allow Organitek to understand your business needs comprehensively and holistically. Whether addressing a custom nutrient program, optimizing your profit per square foot, or working with your executive team to analyze acquisitions or cultural competence, Organitek offers a complete line of focused, commercial consulting services. Let our experience provide for your success.

Our comprehensive approach to business analysis allows us to identify areas for improvement across all aspects of your operations. By taking a holistic view, we can provide recommendations that will have a significant impact on your bottom line. Additionally, our partnership with Cannaverse Solutions, a leading cannabis marketing and branding firm, enables us to tackle the multitude of challenges that businesses of all sizes face. We prioritize innovation, efficiency, and direct relationships to optimize your costs and increase profits. With equipment and input savings alone, our clients typically see a significant increase in their profits that more than offsets the cost of our consulting services. Our team is dedicated to helping your business succeed and achieve an exponential return on investment.

The Quantified Grow

In commercial facilities, whether large or small, understanding the cost of your inputs can make or break your overall profitability. Our team works with you to analyze these inputs and grades your efficiencies – seeking ways to reduce your COGs. Depending on your needs, we even track your strain performance against your feeding regime. We call this process The Quantified Grow. With various consulting packages available, we are confident that we can work with your growers and executives to save money and increase your profits. Contact us today for additional information or to schedule an introductory call.

White Label Nutrients

Whether looking for a quality manufacturing partner, seeking options for formulation, or simply looking to support your MSO brand, our Northern California facility offers custom formulation and production services tailored to your needs. Our quality-controlled processes adhere to strict standards, using high-grade inputs. We prioritize the protection of sensitive intellectual property and accommodate both large and small-scale operations. With flexible pricing based on formulas and demand, you can expect reliable and professional services that bring your vision to life.

Fertilizer Registration Management

Already have a product in the market or choose to take a custom blend to a larger audience? Our comprehensive registration management packages address all of your nutrient reporting, planning, branding, labeling, and archiving needs. We even offer basic consulting packages for strategic planning and feasibility analysis. Additionally, through our partnership with Cannaverse Solutions, our full branding services cover everything from brand and label development to basic graphic alterations, allowing you to establish a strong – yet compliant – identity.

Services may include basic state and country registration and compliance; monthly, quarterly, and annual reporting; archival data management to substantiate audit requirements; and customized financial reporting for accurate internal planning. With targeted management programs tailored to your specific audiences and strategy, we ensure effective and cost-efficient handling of all of your nutrient management needs.

Get in touch

New to the industry? Feel free to join us at our Educational Certification program and become internationally recognized for your high-quality, A-grade, sustainable practices. Need a connection to a brand? We offer full-spectrum service alongside our full-spectrum microbes. Organitek encompasses both input and output solutions, with direct savings passed to you – the farm.

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