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The powders are formulated to be highly solubable and readily dissolve in warm water. Start with a container of your choice (EX: 5 gallon bucket). Fill the container to 70% of finished volume with warm, RO water. With an agitator engaged (EX: paint mixer), add the measured weight of the powder concentrate and blend for several minutes until dissolved. Top the container to the final volume and you are finished blending your concentrate.

The blended formula is ready to be added to your program per the feed table instructions. No additional mixing is required.

We accept most major credit cards online and ACH, Checks or most major Credit Cards for all other orders. A fee of 3.5% may be imposed on any credit card transactions.

As with any nutrient program, maintain your products in a cool, dry location.

Amplify may be used with any nutrient program of your choosing. Our nutrient program is designed for optimal performance as an Organitek system.

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