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Amplify TM

Full spectrum microbes, means a diverse colony of species existing within a shelf-stable, specialty ferment. Instead of focusing on just one biological input, with one primary task, we provide a specific range of beneficial microbes which are carefully evolved into a powerful alliance. This diverse powerhouse results in more diverse support for your plant. It’s this diversity that supports full nutrient uptake and a healthier rhizosphere.

Consistent Diversity at your Fingertips: Our carefully crafted fermentation acts to hold the microbes in a state of dormancy – with just enough food for activation. Amplify provides a consistent, shelf-stable, environment – ready to be used at your convenience – time after time.

Flower Republic Nutrients: Channel 1 & Channel 2

An advanced, clean, and easy-to-use, true 2-part nutrient system focused on maximizing your harvest and simplifying your processes while keeping your costs to a minimum. Available as a water-soluble or pre-blended solution for your convenience.

Channels 1 & Channel 2 of Flower Republic’s Nutrient System have been formulated, following decades of research, to be used in tandem to support the full cycle of plant growth from veg to flower. This is the complete package of essential nutrients that plants require. And supplying a complete, quality nutrient profile in turn works to supply your plants with what they need for robust root networks, strong plant frames, and bulky flowers. And we all know, a healthy plant tends to offer abundant harvests you can rely on from one run to the next.

Flower Republic Supplements & Additives

EQ:CALMAG Boosted Micronutrients
In certain environments, or with certain cultivars, when additional mineral support is desired, EQ offers balanced supplementation which blends perfectly into our two-part program. These key micro-nutrients, including calcium and magnesium, provide additional plant development support.

BUD TONE:PK Enhancing your Blooms
Designed to offer additional support to bud and flower development. With our proprietary blend of phosphates, boron, and molybdenum, Bud Tone offers a profile to support more prolific and striking fruit and flower production, increased size, potency, and terpene profiles

BALANCE:SI Stress Support
Our custom blend offers a specific amount of silica to your growing environment. And an appropriate level of silica has been shown to increase plant tolerances to stresses. Use in conjunction with our full system anytime additional support is desired.

DEEP ROOTS Kick-starting your Grow
Formulated to promote deeper, stronger root growth during the vegetative and early flowering stage of your cycle. Deep Roots works to further enhance nutrient uptake. And healthy roots tend to support more robust plants and flowers.

🇺🇸 Produced and bottled in Northern California

Plumas County Proud! Every batch is carefully produced to exacting standards, tested, logged and loved, in The Lost Sierra – California.

With ingredients consisting of pharmaceutical and food grade inputs – because what the plant consumes matters – we ensure every batch is ready for the most advanced farms. Add a crew of semi-retired growers plus a working farm, we know how every batch performs and are constantly innovating.

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