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Bud Tone:PK


Bud Tone:PK is a pro-performance supplement used to stimulate more bulky, abundant and intense flowering during the final 4-6 weeks of your grow. With our proprietary blend of phosphates, boron, and molybdenum, Bud Tone:PK offers additional support for the increased metabolic demands during bud and flower development. It can be used in conjunction with your Essential Nutrients as an extra investment to enhance your plants’ performance which should impact size, weight, essential oils, and flavors.

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Flowering phase supplement

Bud Tone:PK is a supplemental product that can be used alongside your essential nutrients to promote more intense flowering, bulking, and ripening.

High-quality inputs

Our carefully-sourced ingredients are free from any unwanted contaminants and deliver high bioavailability, so a small amount of product makes a big difference and a little goes a long way.

Versatile use

Bud Tone:PK is fully compatible with all growing mixes, as well as all dosing, fertigation and irrigation systems.

🌱 What the pros are saying

A professionally focused program with the highest quality ingredients and massive manufacturer-direct savings.

We saved over 60% on our expected nutrient budget, produced premium, A-grade outdoor flowers which tested over 24% THC – all while maintaining organic practices. It not only made our flower a first choice in the market – it made all the difference in our overall profitability.
Willow River Collective
Our lamb lettuce Leaves had better color, texture, thickness and shelf life than untreated plants, even in the absence of added fertilizer.
Epic Farms
My typical average is a steady 20-22 lbs with 8 lights. On the first round of use, we went from 22lbs to 29.84lbs and we have held steady with an average of 7 lbs increased production since we implemented Amplify. At first, it was hard to believe. Now, all can say is thank you.
Sheldon A
Amplify Fan
Treated medical marijuana plants showed a faster maturation time and a 25% increase in yield compared to untreated plants
Controlled Research Results
Plants are LOVING it. Even my Kale, that should be dead at this point in the Tennessee heat is re-growing since adding the Amplify two weeks ago. My plants went from almost dead/ finished to fully thriving. So weird. But so cool!
Volunteer Botanicals
Shout out to Amplify for putting together a great product. Our main cultivation facility at Twenty20 has been implementing trials on Amplify for the past 6 months. So far the results are impressive. We’ve managed to lower our fertilizer input and improve overall health and vigor in our crop. We are not a company that relies on excessive additives and u0022snake oilu0022 magic formulas. We do however rely on living microbes to create nature’s finest recipe for plant success. We are excited to continue our experiments with Amplify and will be sharing the quantitative results as soon as possible
Twenty20 Genetics

Additional information


1 GAL (blended), 5 GAL (blended), 55 GAL (blended), 10 LB (powder), 25 LB (powder)

Application & mixing instructions

Shake the blended products well before usage….

Blending equipment for commercial grows

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Feed Chart

We recommend our two-part Powder Essentials to meet all plant nutrient demands. In certain environments or with specific cultivars, you may incorporate one or all of our enhancements as needed. We strongly encourage a consistent use of Amplify, our biological inoculant, to promote a beneficial growing environment and nutrient mobilization. The following feed chart should act solely as a suggested feeding program. Always closely monitor your plant’s response and adjust accordingly. This feed chart is recommended for all growing media and techniques.

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Flower Republic Feed Chart

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