How to Make Buds Bigger During Flowering

How to Make Buds Bigger During Flowering: Finish Strong!

I think we’ve all wondered how to make buds bigger during flowering at one point or another. When I first got started with cannabis cultivation, it was one of the things I obsessed with. However, as I have matured as a grower (and indeed as a person), I have accepted that it’s not about the size of the bud but the quality.

Having said that, I do have some techniques and tools in my arsenal that allow me to get the best results out of each strain to make sure that my plants reach their full genetic potential. So whether you’re an experienced or a novice grower, I have some knowledge to share with you regarding growing denser, heavier and more potent cannabis buds. Let’s learn how to grow bigger buds!

How to Make Buds Bigger During Flowering
Grow bigger buds with the right technique, nutrients and supplements

Why Should I Care About My Cannabis Bud Size?

If you’re wondering why bud size matters, it’s fairly simple: bigger buds mean higher yields which in turn means more to smoke, more to extract, and more to enjoy. Moreover, larger buds often have a higher concentration of trichomes, the tiny resinous glands that produce cannabinoids like THC, thus leading to a more potent product.

That being said, not all strains have the same genetic potential for size. Some strains produce smaller buds while others produce bigger ones. If size is the most important factor, make sure you buy the right genetics.

Why the Flowering Stage Is So Important for Getting Bigger Buds and Maximum Yield

When it comes to growing bigger buds, the flowering stage is the most crucial period. It is during this time that colas swell up, cannabinoids accumulate, and the plant’s distinct aroma becomes noticeable. Understanding how to optimize conditions during this stage can drastically increase your yields and improve the quality of your buds.

But that does not mean that the veg stage is unimportant. Remember that veg is what sets the stage for the flowering phase. In order to grow big flowers, you need to have strong roots, stalks and a healthy plant.

Keep Your Grow Room Clean

The first step in optimizing the flowering stage is cleanliness. A clean grow room prevents the spread of pests and diseases that can hinder bud development. Regular cleaning also allows for better air circulation, which is vital for bud health.

How to Use Low Stress Training (LST) to Get Bigger Buds

Low stress training (LST) is a non-invasive technique that can significantly improve your yields. By gently bending and securing the branches of your cannabis plant, you expose more of the plant to light, encouraging growth in those areas.

  1. Bending — Bend tall branches down and away from the center of the plant to allow light to reach more bud sites. Tall branches with large leaves will block the light on lower areas of the plant.
  2. Tying — Use soft ties to secure the branches in the new position without damaging the plant.
  3. Pruning — Remove any dead or yellowing leaves to promote bud growth.
  4. Topping — Cut the top of the main branches to get more main branches that produce large flowers. Learn how to top cannabis here.

These simple steps can be the difference between mediocre buds and a harvest that’s the talk of the town.

How to Use the Screen of Green (SCROG) Method to Maximize Yields

Similar to LST, the SCROG method involves training plants to grow horizontally across a trellis screen. This technique not only allows for better light distribution but also helps in managing plant height, leading to an even canopy and maximizing the plant’s yield potential.

SCROG cannabis
How to Use the Screen of Green (SCROG) Method to Maximize Yields

Picking the Right Nutrients and Microbial Inoculant

Nutrient management is a cornerstone of bud development. Nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium (NPK) are the macronutrients that plants crave. But beyond these, a host of micronutrients are vital for optimal plant health.

For cannabis, the best nutrient formula for bigger buds during flowering is one that is high in phosphorus and potassium.

At this stage, the plant’s nitrogen needs are reduced, but the demand for phosphorus and potassium skyrockets as they are crucial in bud formation and trichome development. Organitek offers a range of nutrients tailored specifically to those needs.

In addition to nutrients, bloom boosters and microbial inoculants can enhance nutrient uptake and encourage robust root development, thereby promoting overall plant health, yield and bud size.

Use the Best Pots for Cannabis Plants

Choosing the right pot for your cannabis plant can significantly affect its health and productivity. Ideally, your pot should provide ample room for roots to spread and grow while also offering excellent drainage. Root bound plants and waterlogged soils can hinder bud development and decrease yield.

Fabric Pots are great for cannabis plants because they allow for air pruning of the root zone. They also prevent the plants from becoming root bound.

Increase Light Intensity

One of the simplest ways to get bigger buds is by increasing light intensity. More light means more energy for your plants, which translates to bigger buds. However, avoid going overboard as excessive light can scorch your plants and do more harm than good.

Grow light cannabis

Add CO₂ to Your Grow Room

Increasing CO₂ levels in your grow room can significantly boost plant growth and bud size. This technique is most effective in conjunction with high-intensity lights, and when other growth factors, such as temperature and nutrients, are at optimal levels.

Provide Good Conditions of Temperature and Humidity

Temperature and humidity are two significant factors that can impact bud growth. During the flowering stage, cannabis plants prefer cooler temperatures and lower humidity. Excessive heat or moisture can cause bud rot, mildew, and other diseases that can be detrimental to your crop.

Good airflow above and below the canopy is crucial so invest in good fans, ventilation and air filtration if you are serious about growing big, dense buds.

Manipulate Plant Growth

Through techniques like LST, SCROG, and topping, you can manipulate your plant’s growth to focus energy on bud production, leading to larger and more numerous buds.

Bad Stress That Your Plants Should Avoid

While some stress can promote growth, too much can harm your plants. Light stress and temperature stress, for instance, can cause wilting, bud burn, and even plant death. It’s crucial to monitor your plants regularly to ensure they are in the optimal environment.

You also want to provide your plants with stress support like Silica supplementation.

Growing Denser Buds

Having denser buds isn’t just about aesthetics but it’s about potency. Denser buds often contain more trichomes, leading to higher cannabinoid concentrations. Techniques like proper lighting, nutrient management, and temperature control can help you grow denser buds.

Using Microbes to Grow Danker Buds with More Terpenes

Microbes are essential for healthy soil and root zones, and they can improve nutrient uptake, leading to healthier, more robust plants. Products like Amplify is teeming with beneficial microbes that can help you grow danker buds with more terpenes, enhancing their aroma and flavor.

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