A CBD solution with a Farmer Focus.

The Organitek CBD line originated from our appreciation for premium harvests. Long have we worked with farms to help grow superb flowers. Thus, the next natural evolution was to help showcase these premium harvests in the form of premium products. With over three decades of combined global cannabis experience, we have learned that no matter the quality of the manufacturing process, we must first start with quality farms. And, using quality inputs and procedures ensures quality output. Much like a gourmet meal, any CBD source must emerge from conscientious sources and validated farming techniques. We work directly with our farmers to ensure harvest standards. Our advanced amendments and fertilizers support organic, natural harvests with superb expression and health.
It’s a farm to table philosophy for quality health care.

Next, we move to our quality, state-of-the-art processing techniques. This results in a variety of CBD menu items which we offer through our retail or white label divisions. This careful diligence ensures you have a product made with supreme care, with the highest caliber of ingredients. We know many manufacturing options exist. But, we also know many manufacturers don’t emerge from the farming industry. We take farming to the next level.

Full and Broad Spectrum

Depending on your needs, Organitek CBD products are offered in both Broad Spectrum, 0% THC, and Full Spectrum varieties. Again, quality sources result in quality consumables. Our clean processing techniques ensure appropriate, consistent end results with an exact formulation to meet your needs. This ensures you receive 0% THC products without sacrificing spectral benefits. We want to ensure your success. We want to contribute to your health.

CBD Defined

CBD, short for Cannabidiol, is a natural constituent of Hemp Oil. Hemp Oil, extracted from the hemp plant, contains proven wellness properties. The Organitek goal is to ensure we offer organic, conscientiously grown, clean processed Premium Hemp Oil. Our strict quality control standards and state of the art facilities allow for scaleable, trusted and the most advanced solutions. Yes, our compounds are Gluten-free, Vegan and Non-GMO. And our product menu offers solutions for your every demand. This in turn let’s you enjoy the efficacy of quality.

Menu Variety

Not every ailment can be managed by the same treatment. Just as not every product is made for every treatment. Thus, Organitek offers a wide variety of products. From Salves to SoftGels, and all items in between, Organitek CBD presents trusted solutions. If in need of a specialty delivery system, let us know. With over 30 collective years in the industry, it stands that our products or our network offer a perfect solution for all of your needs.

Remember, our product menu is tried and true. We carefully work to promote efficacy, no matter the delivery.