Best Bloom Booster for cannabis

Best Bloom Booster to Maximize Yield On Your Next Cannabis Harvest

I get asked quite frequently about bloom boosters, how to use them, and if they are necessary. While I understand that the name itself, “Bloom Booster”, makes it very tempting to buy and use on your first runs, I recommend studying up on the best options and how to use them before you dive in.

I’ll be happy to share my 2 cents and feel free to ask any questions you may have in the comments section at the bottom of the post.

Best Bloom Booster for cannabis

What is a Bloom Booster?

In simplest terms, a bloom booster is a fertilizer enriched with the essential nutrients that encourage flower development. It’s like giving your plants a supercharged protein shake of what they need most during their flowering stage.

But not all bloom boosters are created equal. The composition of essential nutrients varies from product to product so it’s difficult to know which one is best for your particular plants.

But don’t fret, I have a trick that works really well for every plant and strain!

Benefits of Using Bloom Boosters For Cannabis Plants

Now, why should you indulge your plants by using a bloom booster?

Simply put, a bloom booster will help you grow stronger plants with more vibrant health that produce beautiful flowers with more trichomes and richer flavors.

  1. Enhanced Flowering — Bloom boosters provide that extra ‘oomph’ to transition your plants from the vegetative stage to flower.
  2. Bigger, Better Buds — With the right booster, your cannabis plants produce larger, denser buds, brimming with quality and potency. More on growing bigger buds here.
  3. Improved Nutrient Uptake — They help your plants absorb and use nutrients more effectively, avoiding wastefulness and saving you some money.
  4. Resistance to Stress — Healthier plants can ward off stress factors like disease, harsh conditions, and mites.

Types of Bloom Boosters

Alright, let’s break it down into a few different categories because there are a couple of types of bloom boosters, and what you choose can mean a world of difference for your harvest.

My recommendation is to ALWAYS use a good microbial product like Amplify throughout your entire grow cycle. Amplify will boost your booster and will make sure that all the nutrients are balances and in harmony.

Essential Nutrients

Nutrient management is a cornerstone of bud development. Nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium (NPK) are the macronutrients that plants crave. But beyond these, a host of micronutrients are vital for optimal plant health.

For cannabis, the best nutrient formula for bigger buds during flowering is one that is high in phosphorus and potassium like our Bud Tone:PK

It is because at the flowering stage, the plant’s nitrogen needs are reduced, but the demand for phosphorus and potassium skyrockets as they are crucial in bud formation and trichome development.

In addition to a bloom booster, microbial inoculants will greatly enhance nutrient uptake and encourage robust root development, thereby promoting overall plant health, yield and bud size.

Essential Minerals

Organic Matter

Organic matter improves soil quality and provides a slow but steady supply of balanced nutrients. It’s the homemade bloom booster your grandma may be using. Things like compost, worm castings, and other decomposed organic products and material make your cannabis feel right at home.

Your plants will generally love this stuff!

Humic Acid

This natural compound works wonders on soil health, making healthy plant roots that are more robust and strong. Humic acid, derived from the earth’s very own humus, helps with water retention and nutrient absorption.

Beyond N-P-K, cannabis plants are quite the mineral connoisseurs. They enjoy a good mix of Calcium, Magnesium, and Sulfur. Without these, they might throw a bit of a tantrum (nutrient deficiencies).

Organic vs. Chemical Fertilizers for Bloom Boosters

This is a common debate among growers and in my opinion it’s not as black and white as it seems. Here’s a breakdown to help you choose your side.

Advantages of Organic Fertilizers

  1. Eco-friendly — They improve soil structure and increase microbiological activity. Mother Earth thanks you!
  2. Sustained Release — Nutrients are released slower, providing a steady nutrient supply.
  3. Safer — Less risk of nutrient burn and overfeeding.

Disadvantages of Organic Fertilizers

  1. Slow Acting — It takes time for the organic matter to break down.
  2. Nutrient Ratios — Not always in precise amounts, making it trickier to provide the right balance.
  3. Cost and Accessibility — Sometimes, these can be a bit pricier or harder to find.

Advantages of Chemical Fertilizers

  1. Fast-Acting — Immediate nutrient availability for those “hangry” plants.
  2. Targeted Nutrition — You know exactly what you’re giving your plants, and they’re getting it now.
  3. Cost-effective— Generally, cheaper and more readily available.

Disadvantages of Chemical Fertilizers

  1. Nutrient Burn — Easy to overdo it and cause nutrient toxicity.
  2. Soil Degradation — Can harm the soil’s microbiology, leading to long-term fertility issues.
  3. Environmental Harm — Runoff can cause bigger environmental issues.

Choosing between organic and chemical is a personal choice. If you want more control and immediate results, chemical might be your go-to. Prefer the natural path and improving your soil game? Organic it is.

But hey, what if you could get the best of both worlds? I recommend a hybrid system where you use organic and manufactured products.

My Bloom Booster Fertilizer + Microbe Solution

By now, you should be ready to dive in, get your hands dirty, and give your cannabis plants the VIP treatment they deserve.

I want to leave you with my personal favorite 1-2 combination to boost flower production.

I recommend using Bud Tone:PK which is our bloom booster fertilizer along with Amplify microbes for the best possible mixture to give your plants explosive growth with minimal downside. Together, these two products will feed your plants from the roots up to the top colas and they will help boost your yield while improving terpene and trichome production. The microbes will make sure that your soil remains in harmony and balance while the Bud Tone:PK will give your flowers all they need to thrive.

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