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With nearly a century of collective market experience, we have seen it all. Add to that our executive backgrounds plus the team capabilities and this Organitek powerhouse understands exactly what you need.

Christopher Leonard


International Entrepreneur, Cannabis Industry Veteran Strategic Operations and Business Development

Chris has been instrumental in launching and growing some of the most successful brands in the cannabis industry. His international business background brings a global mindset to crafting strategies, fine-tuning operations, and creating effective marketing campaigns that appeal to customers far and wide.

He holds a Global M.B.A. from Yonsei Graduate School in Seoul, South Korea, is a founder of Lumatek (which revolutionized indoor growing), Organitek, Green Unicorn Farms and Cannaverse Solutions. Chris maintains an extensive understanding and senior-level relationships across every facet of the cannabis supply chain.

Tanya Funk


International Entrepreneur, Cannabis Industry Veteran Strategic Operations and Planning Expert

Tanya has spent well over a decade pioneering some of the most innovative solutions for cannabis cultivation and business development. A founder at Rocket Plasma, a guest instructor at Oaksterdam, and an executive member of Cannaverse Solutions, Tanya has consulted on hundreds of projects for some of the most advanced and successful cannabis companies. Her network of relationships within the global communities runs deep. Equally suited to handle the implementation of strategic marketing and sales plans as she is to negotiate prices with vendors and manage relationships with strategic partners, Tanya seeks to ensure efficiency and innovation exist through the cannabis industry evolution.

Keith Roberto

Chief Formulator

Hydroponics Godfather, Author, Cannabis Industry Veteran

With the first publication of How to Hydroponics in 1994, Keith Roberto cemented his place in the history of the cannabis hydroponics and cultivation industry. With the success of his book, Keith found himself at the epicenter of product, method and cultivar discussions which inspired his New York retail location known as Future Garden. Alongside the storefront, Keith developed refined nutrient formulas specific to the cannabis industry. Over three decades later, Keith leads the formulation team at Organitek bringing his intimate knowledge of chemistry, methods and years of real-world experience to the table.

Jeff Funk

Lead Cultivator, Farm Relations & Sales

Cannabis Industry Veteran, Farm Founder

From hobbyist to farm owner, Jeff has been involved in all aspects of this industry for nearly twenty five years. He offers his real-world experience, dealing with everything from changing cultivars, modalities, and those unexpected challenges, on top of the shifting culture, as a resource for growers and managers alike. It is this experience that represents Organitek’s approach to the industry: We want you to succeed and we are here to help. It’s not the product hype that gets the job done. Quality inputs paired with the experience and knowledge garnered over decades is the answer.

Wendy Bloxsom

Office Manager and AP

Elk Herder Extraordinaire

On the front lines of communication, Wendy ensures all aspects of Organitek are synchronized. With a background in business management and bookkeeping, paired with the ability to trek Elk in the wilderness, Wendy knows how to make things happen while keeping the water smooth for efficient sailing. When not behind the computer or trekking elk, she might be found mushroom hunting with her pot-belly pig Rupert, spoiling her chickens or walking with her Blue Heeler Wally close to Townsend, Montana.

Linsi “Piña” Booth

Microbe Mamma and Production Manager

Cannabis Industry Veteran, Farm Owner, Microbial Specialist

Herding cats is one thing, herding microbes is another. Linsi, known to us as Piña, watches over the microbes while also monitoring the quality production process for all mineral nutrients. With nearly thirty years of global industry experience, Piña understands the importance of quality control and attention to the most minute, and microscopic, details. When not behind a scope or acting as the Ranch Chicken Tender (producing gourmet meals for our ladies), she can be found helping other farmers find their way through the hidden secrets of the rhizosphere.

Robert Hising

Online Strategy

Robert overseas the website and online presence for Organitek. If he’s not at his desk hacking away at the computer, you may find him in the kitchen cooking up some magic or touring the globe. If you don’t find him at all, he will definitely be out in nature trekking Green Unicorns.

Christian Souza

Production Team

The front line of our production team is all about attention to detail. It’s how we ensure you get exactly what you need, in every batch. Christian leads the crew to ensure our ‘Plumas County Proud’ Production meets the quality you always expect. When not on our front line, he may be found refining his protein-rich culinary skills throughout The Lost Sierra.

Dan “O” Guerrette

Facilities Manager

With nearly sixty years of job-site engineering, Dan-O makes sure all systems are a “go” on the Organitek site. When not entertaining us on the ranch, Dan-O, (aka The Rainbow Man), can be found with brush and paints in hand, performing at and bringing joy to music festivals throughout the region.

Professional-grade products at affordable prices

How are we able to provide premium product lines at such affordable prices? You aren’t paying for hype.

Our formulas have been developed and refined over many decades of experience in the field. We’re owner-managed, we don’t have a fat marketing budget, and we sell our products directly to you, which means our operating costs are just a fraction of what our competitors face.

By passing these savings on to you, we can massively increase your bottom line in this challenging economic environment.

Support for all growers (large and small) – and the management team

High-quality inputs – sourcing clean, quality ingredients takes time, but it’s time we’re happy to spend ensuring that each one of our inputs is purer, harder-working, and contaminant-free

Simple-to-use systems – decades of in-the-field research and innovation allows us to bring you the most advanced, perfectly balanced, and easy-to-use feeding systems.

Affordable prices – by keeping our running costs low, we’re able to offer professional-grade, premium products at a fraction of the price you’d pay in-store 

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